I first used All Appliance Parts Sarasota about two years ago to fix my clothes dryer. I had no real knowledge of the machine operations and maintenance and I was about to buy a new dryer, when a friend suggested me calling the store.

The store owner not only help me to figure out the problem, but also help me to get the parts I needed. I think I saved a lot of money that day because I did not have to pay for a repairman, and I had a sense of personal gratification knowing that I could fix the problem in the dryer myself. There is something manly about it.

About a month ago, my clothes washer also broke. It was something simple and, just like the last time, I contacted the owner of All Appliance Parts and in no time I was able to diagnose what was broken in the machine, and I got to buy the part.

I do not live in Florida and I still rely heavily on this store to buy my appliance parts when I need them.
They offer great and prompt service and fast shipping in my case.
I rate it 5 stars.

Ismael Hernandez

Hey guys, on friday I call about what I thought as a control panel problem with an F2 reading and was looking at a $220 part. You successfull diagnosed my problem with the thermostat and my oven is back working. You are totally awesome. It has been some time since I have experienced such wonderful customer service!! Something that is totally lacking in a lot of businesses. You can bet if I have another problem I will be back and my friends will all know about you. Thanks ever so much. Again you are totally awesome.

Jody Geiger Feburary/1/2016